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CiboCi is the new generation food that can meet your need for health, healthy eating, well-being, taste and respect for the environment. Each CiboCi is a mix of biologically active plant substances, a completely edible bite (yes, even the matrix is eaten!) And perfectly balanced in health and taste, able to transfer the right amount of elements and active substances of which our body need. You eat as it is, directly from the display case to your mouth, without intermediate steps or alterations of any kind: the active substances therefore remain intact and can fully express their potential.

CiboCi is a smart food because it is created by the biochemical interaction between the plant and the edible matrix. It is powerful because it is rich in active ingredients that bring health and wellness to our body.

The characterising element of CiboCi

There are two processes that turn CiboCi into a new generation food: The first is the excellent magnification, which originates from chlorophyll photosynthesis during the germination of the plant. The second is the biochemical interaction between the root system and the edible matrix. The combined effect of these two processes results in that the active ingredients originally present are multiplied and made bioavailable, synergistically enhancing their efficacy in the body.


Where does CiboCi grow?

Born in the completely innovative, totally recyclable botanical display case, designed to protect CiboCi from pathogens and with the sole external contribution of solar or artificial lighting, it guarantees an optimal environment for its growth. CiboCi is much more than a natural product, it is a living food, which has everything needed for its maturation: its intelligent botanical case, designed to protect it from pathogens and to create a pure and optimal environment for its growth, allows it to develop with only the external contribution of light energy, without the need for preservatives.

Un piccolo CiboCi tenuto in mano

The growth takes place without any waste of water, without the production of any waste, being the culture substrate completely edible. Inside, the ecosystem is transformed into CiboCi “intelligent food” that is produced automatically without human intervention, according to the universal law that gives rise to life when the favorable conditions occur.

La Teca Intelligente che contiene CiboCi
CiboCi for a more sustainable world

CiboCi is made in Italy and requires a very low consumption of energy produced entirely from renewable sources and, therefore, it is totally fossil free. CiboCi are made following the cruelty-free principle, no intensive farming methods are used, and there is no violence towards the land or the biodiversity. The vegetable takes from the edible matrix the amount of water it needs to grow; therefore, no water is wasted during the process of growing, which takes place inside a transparent box, protected against pathogens, with only the external contribution of natural or artificial light.

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